2011 Summer Final Tournament – August 7th, 7pm, RiRa Irish Pub

2011 Spring Final Table

The Info

Our final tournament this season will be at RiRa again, on August 7th, starting at 7pm sharp.

In order to qualify for the final tournament you must be in the top 40 points.  Any players tied for 40th place will be qualified.  There will be no alternates.

Players will be giving a chipstack based on their accumulated points.  The player(s) in 40th position will receive $10k in chips.  All players above that will receive an amount of chips extra per point that they have over 40th place.

Players will be sat in a way that tries to best even out the chipstacks at each table, so that no particular table has much of a difference in total chips in play.

The Main Prize

The winner of the 2011 Summer Final will win a trip for two to Las Vegas!  Airfare and 3 nights at a casino hotel will be handled by Freeroll Atlanta Poker.

Other Prizes

The final 9 players will all receive a commemorative card protector for the 2011 summer season!

We may also have some extra prizes and drink giveaways!


So make sure you’re at the games this last week or so and solidify your spot at the final tournament!  The more points you have, the more chips you start with!  We’re excited to see who our next Vegas trip is going to be given to!