Great Quarterly Tournament this season over in Forest Park, hosted by our own player, Choke. We had four no shows with a whopping 36 players. Lots of bad beats, river winners, lucky flops, great bluffs and suck outs. Matt Mammola chopped a cash prize with Travis Wilson instead of risking being second and losing the Vegas Trip. They then played for the win and name on the trophy.

Keep getting those points up and make sure to get in the top 40 for next one. Stay tuned for a monthly tournament for the top five players at every venue. As soon as I confirm a venue, more info will follow.

The final table and winners of the Freeroll Atlanta card protectors are as follows:

1 Matt Mammola

2 Travis Wilson

3 Taylor Engel

4 Susan Kramer

5 Don Signore

6 Matt “Wizard” Palumbo

7 Kramer

8 Cindy Vaughn