Starting Thursday, get your points up for a monthly tournament. The top five players at each event will play for a cash prize. The more players that attend, the higher the cash prize! There will be 45 spots with some duplicates as some players will qualify at multiple venues.

Here are the details of the tournament starting in February, where players can earn points by participating in weekly events. The top five players at each event will qualify for a cash prize. Monthly point standings will be tracked from February 1st to February 29th, with subsequent months following the same pattern. You can track your standings on the website. In the case of a tie, the player with the highest player score will qualify. Additionally, players with multiple top five finishes will have the opportunity for a rebuy before the break, receiving a full starting chip stack of 10k chips.

The first championship is scheduled for Friday, March 1st at 8pm Urban Pie, where food and drink chips will be distributed during the tournament.

Furthermore, there is a change in the prize system, with points no longer being awarded for knockouts. Instead, points will be awarded for playing in the smaller games.

This is an exciting way to win cash prizes while waiting for the quarterly tournaments. So good luck and win as much as you can!