Martina Diamante wins the 2011 Freeroll Atlanta Winter Tournament!  She took the winning spot with a 7-3, after maintaining a large chip-lead through most of the tournament and knocking out 11 players.  She and a friend will be sent to Las Vegas by Freeroll Atlanta, as a prize.  Congratulations!

Congrats to the rest of the final table:  Nick E, Matt Pulumbo, Angelo Wong, Rob Brown, Kris Fuqua, Jody Ray, Mike Foster, and Andy Harrison.

Nick E got secondMatt Pulumbo got thirdAngelo Wong got fourthRob Brown got fifthKris Fuqua got sixthJody Ray got seventhMike Foster got eighthAndy Harrison got ninth

Those who made it to the final table each received a commemorative Freeroll Atlanta Winter Tournament card protector.  Each future final tournament will have these card protectors as a final table prize.

Thanks to all our players that played in a Freeroll Atlanta Poker league tournament this season.  We had 323 sit down at a poker tournament this time around!  So again, congratulations to those 40 that qualified for the final tournament, and good luck to all of you who are already playing in the Spring Season.

Some quick stats from the Winter Season:

  • Kris Fuqua racked up the most points at 190.5
  • Lockett Pundt was statistically the best player with a player score of 71.39 in 14 games
  • Nick E knocked out 80 players this season
  • John T played a total of 58 games
  • Kevin Chmiel had the best final 8 percentage – he made it to the points 80% of his 10 games played (I only looked at players who have played 6 or more times)

See you guys at the tables!  And we’ll see you at the Spring Final tournament in May 2011!

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