John T wins $100 for having the most points in February!

He had 54.5 points – 15.5 points more than Kris Fuqua at second place.  This is his second time being the monthly winner.  Congratulations, man!

February started the Spring season at Freeroll Atlanta, and also was the start of a non-KO points point system.  The points accumulated have dropped significantly because of it, and seems to have balanced the points out a bit more.

Some stats for February:

  • Newcomer Charles McLendon had the best player score – 93.84 in 2 games.
  • Martina Diamante had a staggering 28 KOs.
  • Mark Wade and Ben Capper both had a 100% final 8 percentage in 3 games apiece.  Lockett and Arturo were at 80% in 5 games.

Stats by Venue :

Deadwood Saloon

20 total players.  Most points – Jim Fleming : 20 points.  Best score – Heather Stratton : 61.74



Publik Draft House

48 total players.  Most points – Ties between Z Gillespie, Trent Trudeau, Tim Quinn, Sunil, Rick Ciuca, and Jody Ray : 10 points.  Best score – Trent Trudeau : 80.68



RiRa Irish Pub

70 total players.  Most Points – John T – 18.5.  Best score – Alice Wong : 84.65



Vortex Little Five Points

36 total players.  Most points – Christian Green : 17.  Best score – Ben Capper : 87.98



Vortex Midtown

118 total players.  Most points – Martina Diamante : 28. Best score – Charles McLendon : 93.84



*Highest player score awarded for a 2 game minimum.

We’re excited to see what happens in March!  See you at the tables!