Mike Hirsch wins May

Mary Ann almost caught him at end with her strong playing in the last week, but Mike Hirsch maintained the lead he had nearly all month!  Mike ended up with 60.5 points, and a player score of .620 in 21 games.  You could say he averaged 2.9 points per game.  He received $100 cash for his win, on top of the $140 in house cash he won.

The graph above shows the tournaments Mike Hirsch played.  The blue line represents the size of the tournament, and the red line represents how many players he outlasted.  The lines touching represents a first place finish.  The less blue you see, the better.

Other notable stats from this month:

  • Mike Hirsch and Martina Diamante tied with the most knockouts – 29.
  • Bobby Cantrelle had the highest player score out of those who played at least 3 times.  His score was .797.
  • Martina Diamante played the most games – 24.

Top players per venue:

  • 57th Fighter Group: Tom White, 25 points.  Tom White, .865 player score.
  • Deadwood Saloon:  Kris Fuqua, 22 points.  Carl Morris, .707 player score.
  • Publik Draft House:  Martina Diamante, 15 points.  Torres Elliot, .617 player score.
  • RiRa Irish Pub:  Collette Mahmood, 24 points.  Collette Mahmood, .795 player score.
  • Vortex Little 5:  Trevor Love, 19 points.  Blake Benedict, .782 player score.
  • Vortex Midtown:  Mary Ann Trent, 39 points.  Garrett Hockin, .756 player score.

(Winners played that venue at least 3 times in the month)

Thanks to all of you who came out this month!  We’ll see you at the tables this summer!

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