Moe’s and Joe’s Reopens Poker on Monday June 15th

Thank you and see you at the tables!

With Georgia lessening restrictions on the service industry, Freeroll Atlanta will start resuming bar games. Tables will only seat 6 players maximum and temperature checks will be given before game starts via forehead thermometer. If you feel sick, other than hangovers lol, stay home and wait for the next game. Masks are optional for players, but eating chicken wings and doing Jameson shots through a mask may prove tricky. Moe’s and Joe’s is the first bar to start games and I will let you know as soon as I know which bars will be following and when. Online games will continue, but not on nights of bar games. I’d rather not compete with myself. There are still 2 weeks left in the spring quarter for points toward quarterly tournament. As soon as I know date and venue, I will announce those.







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