Republic Social House

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Diesel Filling Station
The Independent
Republic Social House
RiRa Irish Pub, Sundays
RiRa Irish Pub, Mondays
Vortex Midtown[/su_spoiler]

1Nathan Williams10.000.95241
2Chris Mcauley7.000.90531
3Aaron Godbey6.000.85721
4Whitney Segars5.000.81001
5Brent Gellineau4.000.76231
6Courtney English3.000.71411
7Christian Green2.000.66701
8Gerry Jimenez1.000.61901
9Chris Dyke0.000.57121
10Kyle Allen0.000.52421
11Jim Fischer0.000.47601
12Ricky Barillas0.000.42921
13Meghan Kohne0.000.38101
14Danny Williams0.000.33301
15Ray Nestlehutt0.000.28601
16Alex Decastro0.000.23801
17Bradford Tolleson0.000.19101
18Dean Sperry0.000.14301
19Tim Miller0.000.09501
20Zach Mcgee0.000.04801

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