RiRa Irish Pub – Mondays

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Diesel Filling Station
The Independent
Republic Social House
RiRa Irish Pub, Sundays
RiRa Irish Pub, Mondays
Vortex Midtown[/su_spoiler]

1Stefan "the Count" G21.000.65214
2Wael Sinno14.000.92941
3Adam Pelletier14.000.73342
4Curt Osmundsen14.000.49743
5Griffin Sears13.000.90931
6Myron Gibbons13.000.49314
7Jt Cropper12.000.90921
8Jonathan Harris12.000.85751
9Yanni A9.000.81821
10Michael Johnson9.000.81821
11Tan Tran9.000.63641
12Scott Philbeck9.000.41813
13Michelle Dempsey8.000.71431
14Raghu Reddy8.000.55112
15Simone Cain6.000.47302
16Matt Jensen6.000.27004
17Craig Mccombs4.000.64301
18Nikhil Warie3.000.45501
19Alex Tompkins2.000.36401
20Will Thompson2.000.35502
21Larry Headspeth1.000.27301
22Ricky Barillas0.000.28601
23Max Cohen0.000.18201
24Christian Pounds0.000.18201

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