Angelo Wong wins the Freeroll Atlanta Spring Final!

Congratulations to Angelo Wong – Freeroll Atlanta’s Spring Quarter final tournament champion!  He took the tournament down –  beating out 38 other players, snagging his second Freeroll Atlanta card protector, and winning a trip for two to Las Vegas!  Good job dude!

Congratulations to our other final table finishers – all of them walked with a 2011 Freeroll Atlanta Spring Final Tournament card protector as a trophy.  And special thanks to S.A.M. for dealing the final table!

Other Final Table Finishers

It ended up being a pretty interesting fight to the finish.  Trent Trudeau took 2 huge pots with his pocket 2s – knocking out Old School Mike’s QQs  and crippling Kris Fuqua’s AK.

And then later, Trevor Love’s AK got busted by Kris Fuqua’s KQ – Trevor was crippled at that point and couldn’t catch a break afterwards, ending the tournament in 5th place.

But it all came down to Trent Trudeau and Angelo Wong heads up.  The battle waged for quite some time.  Ultimately, Angelo’s AJ snuffed out Trent’s Q10.

Again, congratulations to all 39 of our finalists.  Extra congrats to our final table finishers.  And super extra congrats to Angelo Wong – season champion!  Have fun in Vegas!!!

For more images of the final tournament, visit Stabler Photography’s Photoshelter account:

Other notable events this season:

Martina Diamante, our Winter Champion, had the most KO’s this season and was awarded a congratulatory Viking helmet because of it.


  • 359 total players in the league.
  • Kris Fuqua accumulated the most points – 166.
  • Ben Capper had the best player score (out of those who played at least 8 times) – 722.
  • Rob “Brown Suga” played the most games – 69.  He also won the most house cash – $415.

Top Players by Venue

  • 57th Restaurant: Jody Ray – 695 score, 30 points.
  • Deadwood Saloon:  Patti Z – 695 score.  Kris Fuqua and Jody Ray – 57 points.
  • Publik Draft House:  Alice Wong – 712 score, 35 points.
  • RiRa Irish Pub:  Jon Joury – 754 score, Rob “Brown Suga” – 82 points. (2nd place points only had 39!)
  • Vortex Little 5 Points: Christian Green – 718 score, 47 points.
  • Vortex Midtown:  Steve Bartle – 712 score.  Mary Ann – 48 points.

Can’t wait to see who makes it to the Summer Final Tournament, and wins the next trip to Vegas provided by Freeroll Atlanta Poker!