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For the second month in a row, Stefan tops the points charts in our monthly stats!

The Winter 2014 Season only lasted 2 months (so we can align with the calendar year), and Stefan was first in points for both months – therefor making him player of the SEASON!

December Bar

Here we can see how he placed against the competition each night he played in December.  Only 5 of his games did he finish under the average for all league players.

December Pie

Here we see a breakdown of his ranks.  Stefan only had two wins, but he made it into the points 78% of the time!  Only 4 times out of his 18 tournaments did he miss the points.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 2.05.40 PM

We might as well compare Stefan’s November stats with his December stats while we’re at it.  He’s definitely consistent!  The big difference in earnings can be attributed to the win at the Irish Children’s Hospital benefit tournament we had in early December.

Total points:  73.5
Player score:  0.712
Total KOs:  22
KO points:  1.5
Registrations:  18
Final table percentage:  78%
Points per game:  4.08
Total winnings:  $435

Good job on the month, Stefan!  Use those tournament winnings and buy yourself a watch!

Let’s take a look at our other notable players in December…

Randy Wainman, top player score of the month
Chris McAuley, top player at Diesel and 57th
Andrew Hays, November’s Kings and Queens winner

December League Stats

  • Best player score:  Randy Wainman, 0.864
  • Most KOs:  James Man, 31
  • Most KO Points:  James Man, 11
  • Most registrations:  Stefan G / Eddie Hardy, 18
  • Most winnings:  Stefan G, $435
Top Players by Venue:

57th Fighter Group

  • Points:  Chris McAuley, 15.5
  • Player score: Chris McAuley, 0.891
  • KOs:  Craig Bruckman, 7

Brewhouse Cafe

  • Points: Sarge Irions, 24.5
  • Player score:  Sarge Irions, 0.900
  • KOs:  Sarge Irions, 14

Diesel Filling Station

  • Points:  Chris McAuley, 13.5
  • Player score:  Chris McAuley, 0.886
  • KOs:  Stefan G / John Woodham / Curt / Chris McAuley, 6

Front Page News

  • Points:  Stefan G, 18
  • Player score:  Gary Carrico, 0.840
  • KOs:  Larry Headspeth, 8

Republic Social House

  • Points:  Jameson Humber, 26
  • Player score:  Andy Bibliowicz, 0.875
  • KOs:  Jameson Humber, 14

RiRa Irish Pub – Sundays

  • Points:  Big Mike Johnson, 20
  • Player score:  Alex Parker, 0.921
  • KOs:  Big Mike Johnson, 15

RiRa Irish Pub – Mondays

  • Points:  Curt, 37.5
  • Player score:  Curt Osmundsen, 0.914
  • KOs:  Curt, 12

Vortex Midtown

  • Points:  Johnny Stephenson, 27
  • Player score: Randy Wainman, 0.939
  • KOs:  James Man, 12

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