Garrett finally wins the Nice Pair charity tournament!  After years of second places and chopped prizes, he finally pulls out a win and walks with the $300 cash prize!

Garrett Hockin and Tom Roseberry ended up heads up – but Garrett’s K-9 beat Tom’s K-10 when a 9 hit on the flop.  Bummer, Tom.  But Tom did take the second place prize of $200.

We had a great tournament this year!  28 poker players raised around $1000 for the Susan B. Komen walk.  Over $2000 were raised from our raffle sales as well.  So a huge thanks to everyone who bought raffles, bought in, and bought in again.

Extra thanks to Donna Brunswick and her continued success at putting together these charity tournaments.  We’ll see y’all at the next one.

And congrats again, Garrett, for not being the bridesmaid this time.