John T. was the highest point-earner for November!  After his recent move back to Atlanta, he came in and dominated the race to the top throughout the whole month.  Even his dear wife could not avoid the juggernaut barreling through the poker tables (he may have had a few nights on couch, however).

John racked up a total of 72 points within 25 games.  He finished the month with a player score of 0.531, 31 KOs, and a points per game average of 2.88 (almost 6th place, on average).

So welcome back home, John.  You belong at these poker tables.

Below is a chart showing his progression through the month.  The top graph shows how his points increased over the 25 games, with the graph below displaying each of his tournaments and how his placement bumped up his total.

15 out of 25 of John’s tournament finishes were above the league average player score of 0.482.  So, 60% of the time he finished above average.

A number of other players had some strong finishes as well.

KJ Little had the best player score in a minimum of 4 games at 0.835.  KJ also had the highest points per game, averaging in at 7 points per game (second place)!  And not only did John T have the most points, but he also racked up the most KOs with 31.

Props to the winners of the last Monthly Champions tournament that happened this month.  Erik Tierney, Shane Green, and Christian Green each took away $100 cash in a 3-way split.

And let’s not forget our two winners in the Kings and Queens tournament, Randy Wainman and Ken Sugden.  Each of those guys took home $75 cash.

Stats per venue

 Stats per Venue

 Deadwood Saloon

  • Most Points:  John T, 34 points
  • Top Player Score:  Randy Wainman, 0.797
  • Most KOs:  John T, 13 KOs
 Diesel Filling Station
  • Most Points:  David Scherrer, 14 points
  • Top Player Score:  David Scherrer, 0.882
  • Most KOs:  Paul Snyder / David Scherrer, 7 KOs
 The Elder Tree
  • Most Points:  Jay Skuban, 16 points
  • Top Player Score:  Jay Skuban, 0.818
  • Most KOs:  Moe Cuadra, 12 KOs
 Matador Cantina
  • Most Points:  Tim Gore, 30 points (impressive!)
  • Top Player Score:  Tim Gore, 0.788
  • Most KOs:  Tim Gore, 8 KOs
 RiRa Irish Pub
  • Most Points:  Gina Reed, 22 points
  • Top Player Score:  Eddie Hardy, 0.671
  • Most KOs:  Gina Reed, 14 KOs
 The Vortex in Little Five Points
  • Most Points:  Doug Park, 20 points
  • Top Player Score:  Jay Skuban, 0.724
  • Most KOs:  Andy Bibliowitz, 13 KOs
 The Vortex in Midtown
  • Most Points:  Carl Morris, 34 points
  • Top Player Score:  Carl Morris, 0.677
  • Most KOs:  Mike Morgan, 11 KOs