King Kramer Rules


As the snows melted over the land, those contestants who were able to move their armies through the muck and past the landslides met on the battlefield once more.

Though the competition was small, it was still fierce.  Princes from all over slung their axes and commanded their champions until but two were left facing each other.

King Kramer and King Wael stood facing each other.  King Kramer offered to end it before more bloodshed and split the spoils of war, but King Wael spit in his face and refused to be a pawn in Kramer’s greater schemes – knowing that Kramer would ultimately end up getting the better end of the deal.

Refusing Kramer’s offer, Wael fought on… but it was in vain.

King Kramer wore Wael down until the battle was over and Kramer emerged victorious!  The world now trembles under King Kramer’s rule!

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