Some leaders care not for riches, but would rather history bear their name well.

Such is the legend of King Jay.  He had already conquered the people of the North and the East, and had turned his gaze toward the High Throne.  Valiantly he fought his way up the mountain and was within reach of the grail when he spotted Prince Nick also reaching upwards toward the final prize.  King Jay, feeling no greed in his heart but for the crown and title of High King, decided to split the spoils with the young Prince Nick – however, they would still battle for the right to wear the king’s ring.


And thus, after a mere 10 minutes on the battle field, a victor emerged and was crowned King.

All hail King Jay!

The next test of mettle and honor will occur on this 11th day of June, in the year of our Lord.  Here our our finalists:

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