May 2013 Kings and Queens Qualifiers



Here are our May 2013 Kings and Queens finalists!  Players will compete on June 11th at RiRa Irish Pub at 8pm, for a $250 cash prize for first!

57th Fighter Group

  • Tom White
  • Blaze
  • Mary Ann

Deadwood Saloon Fridays

  • Jonathan Harris
  • Jeff Rakestraw
  • Marc Ryschenkow
  • Altug Akyol

Deadwood Saloon Saturdays

  • Jonathan Harris
  • John Trent
  • Joe Lamb

Diesel Filling Station

  • Damien Boykin
  • Phil Wigglesworth
  • Mike Martin

Matador Cocina

  • Johnny Stephenson
  • Eddie Hardy
  • Stefan Gremalschi

RiRa Irish Pub Sundays

  • Christian Green
  • Heather Stratton
  • Patrick O’Hearn
  • James Man
  • Gary Carrico

RiRa Irish Pub Mondays

  • Preston Williams
  • Randy Wainman
  • Kevin Chmiel
  • Gina Reed
  • Craig Bruckman

Vortex Little 5 Points Mondays

  • Christian Green
  • Jessica Gale
  • Blaze

Vortex Little 5 Points Wednesdays

  • Jessica Gale
  • Shane Green
  • Christian Green

Vortex Midtown Sundays

  • Stephanie Alderman
  • Johnny Stephenson
  • John Trent
  • Jeff Harrah

Vortex Midtown Tuesdays

  • John Trent
  • Adam Pelletier
  • Jim Arinik






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