We’ve added a new tool to the points spreadsheet to help you determine roughly the amount of chips you’ll be starting with at the Final Tournament.

This number will definitely change slightly as we come to the end of this season, but it should give you a general idea of how many chips each point is worth.  At the beginning of the season this number will most likely be very unrealistic, but we think by the final month we’ll be able to see this number being fairly accurate.

Now when you’re at the final table you’ll be able to see how many extra chips you’ll be getting at the final table, depending on where you bust out.  Let’s say, for instance, you get 7th place.  7th place is worth 2 points, so we multiply 217 (in this example) by 2 and get $434.  We would then round that to the nearest 100, and arrive at $400.  So, your 7th place finish most likely awarded you an extra 4 white chips ($100) at the final.  Likewise, a 1st place finish would earn you $2200 extra at the final table, theoretically.

Now we can also see where our leaders are currently sitting.

James is sitting at first place with 186 points (as of this posting).  We multiply 186 x $217 and get $40,362 which we then round to $40,400.  If the tournament were today, that’d be James’s starting chipstack.

Hope this tool helps out a little bit!