The Kings and Queens tournament for November 2013 will be held either this Friday the 6th or next Friday the 13th at Deadwood Saloon at 8.  We’ll let you guys know as soon as we get confirmation.

The winner will receive $250 cash!  No points will be awarded this time, now that we’re having the Kings and Queens on a different night than our regular games.

Players who qualified more than once will get that many rebuys for the first hour!

Here are the qualifiers:

57th Fighter Group

  • Susan Coker
  • Mary Ann
  • Jonathan Harris
  • Jay Skuban
  • Gina Reed

Brewhouse Cafe

  • Stephen Gardner
  • Simone Cain
  • Susan Coker
  • Kramer

Carolyn’s Gourmet Cafe

  • Trevor McCandless
  • James Man
  • Greg Kirby

Deadwood Saloon, Saturdays

  • Joe Lamb
  • Ajai Karthikeyan
  • Greg Kirby

Diesel Filling Station

  • Katie Boykin
  • Kacey Carelson
  • Dean Sperry

RiRa Irish Pub, Sundays

  • Jim Arinik
  • Jessica Gale
  • Val Jones
  • Ricardo Mora
  • Jay Skuban

RiRa Irish Pub, Mondays

  • Gary Carrico
  • Gina Reed
  • Andy Harrison

Vortex Little 5 Points, Mondays

  • Jennifer Thomas
  • William Bretherton
  • Edie Propes
  • Chris Mitchell

Vortex Little 5 Points, Wednesdays

  • Whitney Segars
  • William Bretherton
  • Blaze
  • Blake Benedict

Vortex Midtown, Sundays

  • Eddie Hardy
  • Tom White
  • Eric Calhoun

Vortex Midtown, Tuesdays

  • Jeff Rakestraw
  • Cedric Smith
  • Errol Danley

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