So the April season started off strong with a good turnout for the Deadwood Saloon game on Saturday, followed by two more strong showings at The Vortex Midtown and RiRa Irish Pub on Sunday.

Martina showed the competition she’s ready to win the April $100 race and solidify a dominant chip lead by winning not only the Deadwood tournament but also the following Vortex tournament.  Two in a row!

Following Martina’s win, we had a beautiful night at RiRa.  Sunlight poured in through the windows and beer poured down our throats.

Not to mention, two straight flushes!

Mike Odier flopped the first one.

And then later, and one seat over, “Techie” Jon Joury hit the second straight flush.

Jody Ray ended up taking down the whole tournament against newcomer Scott.  Congrats to all our winners tonight!