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Having conquered two of the three territories that make up the Vortex Midtown, Val Jones entered the final contest with head held high.  Banners waved in the wind as the sweet smell of the fields slowly gave way to the smell of death.

Queen Valerian rushed down the hill, horse in full gallop, sword raised towards the heavens.  She offered one last prayer to Lady Luck and began swinging.

Fallen Kings and Queens of The Elder Tree, RiRa, and Diesel fought hard but could not match Val’s swiftness in battle.

Hours later, her horse slowly trotted up to King Will Melton of the Eastern Vortex, the final opponent.  Will begged for a peaceful resolution – “I’ll take $100 and you can have $150…” but his sentence was cut short with Val’s sword through his throat.

All hail your Queen of January – Val Jones!\

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