The Winter Quarterly for a trip to Vegas will be held Thursday 1/27/2022 at Urban Pie. Also starting Wednesday January 19th, we will be playing at Limerick Junction in Virginia Highlands just a block away from Diesel. As always first game, get five points for playing.

Tonight is the National Championship for college football or something, so Moe’s and Joe’s is canceling poker tonight.

And, don’t forget to come out to the Bar Poker Open games(BPO) to win a token for an online qualifier to win a trip to Vegas every Sunday.

Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5
Matt Palumbo    $33,700Demetrius             $32,000Bongo                   $30,400Eddie Bee               $23,500Michael Chacko     $23,100
Aaron Kalbfeld   $19,500Tempest                 $19,600Tom White           $22,100Joshua Braun         $22,500Eddie Hardy            $22,600
 Chris Dyke         $18,800Aaron Godbey      $18,700Chris Gholston    $18,500Black Gellineau     $18,100Sobi                          $17,900
Jordan Goebel   $16,700The Count             $16,700TC                          $16,800Jim Fischer             $16,900Amir Davis              $17,300
Corey Rosen       $16,700Tynan Humphrey $16,000Erin Taylor           $15,900Sonny                      $15,300Matt Mammola     $15,300
Calvin Delaney   $13,900Dean Sperry          $14,200Adam Pelletier    $13,300Tony Rivers            $14,900Tyson Duffy            $14,900
Wael Sinno         $13,800Tyler Schlagheck  $13,400Jerell Mathis        $11,900Jonathon Irizarry  $12,700Chris McAuley        $12,600
Kyle Allen            $11,600Terell Henry          $11,800Taylor Engle         $14,900Travis Clement      $12,000Rodolfo                    $12,100