The stone was cold beneath her feet as she stepped out of bed onto the castle floor.  She drained the last of the wine from last night’s goblet and ordered the eunuchs out of her sight.  She pushed the hair out of her face, reached for her sword, and flung open the doors to the grand hallway.

Servants rushed to speed her along down the castle halls.  The blood of her peers would be shed today.  The fastest horse would be sat upon.  The gauntlets of her right hand would crush the throats of those who stood in her way.

The battle began.  Challengers fell all around her.  She clamored to the top of the hill to have a better fighting advantage, and there she found Zach and Scott.

Always the calculator, she devised a sinister plan to work in her favor.  “Let’s all take a portion of the spoils,” she said.  And the two simple Kings agreed.  “But,” she added, “I will have the greater share!!!!”

She stabbed Zach in the throat.  She then smashed in Scott’s face with the hilt of her sword.

She dropped their portions of the treasure on their corpses, and told their servants to bury them at home.

“Next time, I will take it all.”

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